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Welcome to Ultimate Bicycle Mirror!
Are you constantly looking behind you? 
Do you get caught off guard by something or someone passing you?
We can help you keep track of what is coming up behind you,
while still being alert to what’s just ahead!
We are confident that our Ultimate Bicycle Mirror will be the last mirror you will have to buy. I have been a bicyclist for many years and have purchased many mirrors, but this Ultimate Bicycle Mirror is the best mirror I have found.
The unique design of this Ultimate Bicycle Mirror allows it to fit on the bow of any pair of glasses. It has a special coating to prevent it from scratching and keeps your Ultimate Bicycle Mirror in place.
The Ultimate Bicycle Mirror has a thick plastic backing giving it added support to prevent it from breaking. The stainless steel wire that attaches to the mirror is in one piece and is bendable yet sturdy.
The Ultimate Bicycle Mirror’s coated stainless steel wire is designed in one piece to make it more stable and prevents it from falling apart like those made of plastic or multiple pieces.
Some brands of mirrors have adhesive to stick to your helmet, if not placed just right it won’t adjust to where you need it, or if your helmet gets bumped or dropped and the mirror falls off, with our Ultimate Bicycle Mirror this is not a problem.
In addition to offering our revolutionary bicycle mirrors, we also have made available some other exciting bicycle accessories. Our bicycle lights include Lightman LED bike lights, available in clear, red, amber, green or blue flashing bike light sets (they can stay on and not flash too). These LED running lights put ordinary runner safety lights to shame! We have several bike bags made for the average biker or the police, security or sheriff (with removable labels). We also carry Hokey Spokes lights, an absolute must-have for anyone who needs a bicycle safety light for biking when it is getting dark. For practicality and visibility, we've brought these bike lights and bike accessories together with your bike safety in mind.
We give away one FREE every month! 
The Ultimate Bicycle Mirror is a great idea for hunters too! Think of how easy it would be to see the game coming up from behind you with out having to turn around. The Ultimate Bicycle Mirror could be the advantage you need.Thinking of traveling? The person sitting the passenger seat of a vehicle, they could easily keep an eye on the kids or pets in the back seat! It's like having eyes in the back of your head! Patten pending.
We also have made available some bike accessories. We carry Lightman LED bike lights.
Avalible in  Clear, Red, Amber, Green or Blue flashing bike lights (They can stay on and not flash too). These would be great as runner safety lights!  We have a few bike bags made for the aveage biker or the Police, Security or Sheriff (with removable labels). We also carry Hokey Spokes lights  A must have for anyone who has to bike when it is getting dark and needs a bicycle safety light.
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